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This page contains a sample Morse Practice files.

Depending on your settings, the files may play from the web, or download and play. If you want to save the locally "right click" and choose "save as"

Plain Text

12 WPM MP3 18WPM MP3 25 WPM MP3  Text
2007-06-22-psg-12 2007-06-22-psg-18 2007-06-22-psg-25 2007-06-22-psg.txt
2008-02-25-psg-12 2008-02-25-psg-18 2008-02-25-psg-25 2008-02-25-psg.txt
2009-04-12-psg-12 2009-04-12-psg-18 2009-04-12-psg-25 2009-04-12-psg.txt
2009-04-13-psg-12 2009-04-13-psg-18 2009-04-13-psg-25 2009-04-13-psg.txt
2009-06-23-psg-12 2009-06-23-psg-18 2009-06-23-psg-25 2009-06-23-psg.txt
2011-12-21-psg-12 2011-12-21-psg-18 2011-12-21-psg-25 2011-12-21-psg.txt
2012-01-17-psg-12 2012-01-17-psg-18 2012-01-17-psg-25 2012-01-17-psg.txt
2012-01-25-psg-12 2012-01-25-psg-18 2012-01-25-psg-25 2012-01-25-psg.txt

Simulated QSO

12 WPM MP3 18WPM MP3 25 WPM MP3  Text
2007-06-22-qso-12 2007-06-22-qso-18 2007-06-22-qso-25 2007-06-22-qso.txt
2008-02-26-qso-12 2008-02-26-qso-18 2008-02-26-qso-25 2008-02-26-qso.txt
2009-04-12-qso-12 2009-04-12-qso-18 2009-04-12-qso-25 2009-04-12-qso.txt
2009-04-13-qso-12 2009-04-13-qso-18 2009-04-13-qso-25 2009-04-13-qso.txt
2009-04-22-qso-12 2009-04-22-qso-18 2009-04-22-qso-25 2009-04-22-qso.txt
2009-06-23-qso-12 2009-06-23-qso-18 2009-06-23-qso-25 2009-06-23-qso.txt
2011-12-21-qso-12 2011-12-21-qso-18 2011-12-21-qso-25 2011-12-21-qso.txt
2012-01-16-qso-12 2012-01-16-qso-18 2012-01-16-qso-25 2012-01-16-qso.txt

Letter Groups

12 WPM MP3 18WPM MP3 25 WPM MP3  Text
2007-06-22-ltr-12 2007-06-22-ltr-18 2007-06-22-ltr-25 2007-06-22-ltr.txt
2008-02-26-ltr-12 2008-02-26-ltr-18 2008-02-26-ltr-25 2008-02-26-ltr.txt
2009-04-12-ltr-12 2009-04-12-ltr-18 2009-04-12-ltr-25 2009-04-12-ltr.txt
2009-04-13-ltr-12 2009-04-13-ltr-18 2009-04-13-ltr-25 2009-04-13-ltr.txt
2009-04-21-ltr-12 2009-04-21-ltr-18 2009-04-21-ltr-25 2009-04-21-ltr.txt
2009-06-23-ltr-12 2009-06-23-ltr-18 2009-06-23-ltr-25 2009-06-23-ltr.txt
2011-12-21-ltr-12 2011-12-21-ltr-18 2011-12-21-ltr-25 2011-12-21-ltr.txt
2011-12-22-ltr-12 2011-12-22-ltr-18 2011-12-22-ltr-25 2011-12-22-ltr.txt
2012-01-16-ltr-12 2012-01-16-ltr-18 2012-01-16-ltr-25 2012-01-16-ltr.txt

These files were generated using the G4ILO MorseGen program from:-http://www.g4ilo.com/morsegen.html

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South Manchester Radio and Computing Club meets at 8.00pm on Thursdays at at The Woodheys Club,

 299 Washway Road, Sale. M33 4EE - Press the buzzer for admission.

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