Welcome to South Manchester Radio and Computing Club

S.M.R.C.C. aims to promote interest in all aspects of Amateur Radio as a hobby. Key features:-

  • Our Morse practice sessions are for new operators who wish to develop their skills in CW operating.  They start at 19:00 on Tuesday evenings just before the FM 'phone net.  Frequency 3.553 MHz or thereabouts.
  • Our weekly Thursday night face-to-face group meetings are currently suspended. Instead we gather on 2-metre FM close to 145.475 MHz.  Visitors are welcome to join the net.
  • Normally we have a programme of weekly talks at a variety of technical levels. This will resume when possible.
  • We have a large shack with HF and VHF transceivers, and a workbench with a selction of test equipment.
  • Weekly member nets run on HF SSB 3,637 kHz Sunday morning 08:30 and 10:15;  VHF FM near 145.475 MHz; Tuesday evening at 20:00
  • Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses with access to our on-line training environment
  • Morse proficiency classes
  • Radio, computing and electronic experimentation
  • Propagation studies - see www.rsgb.org.uk/psc
  • Monthly Technical Forums

Membership costs just £30.00 per year.

To find out more drop into one of our meetings (location and time at bottom of this page) or join in one of our on-air nets—you will be assured of a warm welcome.

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or visit our stand at one of the events below :-

But note that the Norbreck rally is cancelled for 2020 but Norbreck is booked for April 25th 2021.



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