CW Practice Sessions

This page contains Practice CW sessions. Clicking on the link to the MP3 file will cause the audio to download and play. Clicking on the item title will display the text of the message you have just heard. The links are ordered with the newest upload at the top. You can use the filters to limit the display to a range of speed, or a type of practice.

Session Description Audio File Text CW Type Speed (WPM) Post datesort ascending
2007-06-22-LTR-12 Audio icon 2007-06-22-LTR-12wpm.mp3 Plain text icon 2007-06-22-LTR-12.txt Letter Groups 12WPM 2016-06-15
Simulated QSO Audio icon 2007-06-22-qso-25wpm.mp3 Plain text icon Simulated QSO.txt Simulated QSO 25WPM 2016-06-11
Test Session Audio icon 2007-06-22-ltr-12wpm.mp3 Plain text icon Test Session.txt Letter Groups 12WPM 2016-06-11